Masterfully crafted closets and home organization storage in Edmonton

You can step out looking polished every time if you have a well-organized custom closet to take care of your needs. Our designers and cabinetry makers provide the perfect pieces of custom closets in Edmonton to meet the specific requirements of customers. Whether you are looking for a lavish walk-in closet for the entire family or smaller wardrobe using up the available space, we can take care of all large and small requirements. We excel in taking care of all your practical storage and organizing needs, without compromising on the aesthetic part. We believe that every piece of furniture should add on to the home décor and make your space look beautiful. We use the latest technology coupled with the finest raw materials, including stone, marble, wood, and other metals. With a strong woodworking profile and years of experience in making custom closets from scratch, we can help you from designing to manufacturing and assembly. We also involve customers in the designing process and take their feedback so that you feel involved in the journey, an exclusive facility that not many cabinet/closet makers provide. From creating special sections for the kids, a valet rod for ties, or different drawers to keep your accessories and small garments, every tiny requirement is listened to with care and fulfilled. We make sure that you always find your things well organized and within reach, while at the same time enhance your décor. With years of experience under our belt, we deliver not just mere closets but dreams that make a home. More Details: Scott Arthur Millwork & Cabinetry Ltd 14644 – 119 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5L 2P2 Phone: (780) 488-0346

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